David is currently working with Anthem, Inc as a Large Group Claims Representative. Prior to this position he worked as an Auto Liability Adjuster for several auto insurance carriers in Southern California and as on Officer for the California Highway Patrol.

In his spare time he enjoys reading books on his Kindle or whatever comics he can get his hands on and watches science fiction/fantasy movies. On his commutes to and from work, you’ll find find him singing along (rather badly we might add) to 80s heavy metal. When he is not painting, reading or singing, you’ll find him spending time with his wife of 30 years. He has two sons, ages 24 & 27.

David began his modeling hobby in his early teens, building mostly spaceships and military aircraft. In his early twenties, family life kept him very busy and he set the hobby aside. Fast forward 25 years and the itch to build and paint again hit him.

David is new to Warhammer as a painter and player. He has been playing and painting Warhammer for only 1 year. David’s preferred army are the Blood Angels but he’s been know to field some Space Wolves here and there.

David painted the following models: