Garrett is currently working with Synectic Solutions as the Deputy GWAC Program Manager in Southern California. Prior to this position he worked for the Department of Defense (DoD), Department of the Army and Department of the Navy in Southern California and Washington D.C. He is currently working on a Masters Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Government Contracting and Acquisition. Garrett also holds a Masters Degree in Strategic Intelligence Studies with an emphasis in Operations and a Bachelors Degree in History with a minor in Political Science.

In his spare time he enjoys traveling and exploring throughout the United States and abroad. He is always looking for the next place to visit. Recent trips include Mammoth, Mono Lake, Lake Tahoe, Montana, Mexico, Ireland and the United Kingdom. He likes to hike around Southern California. When time is available he plays airsoft, a ‘sport’ in which individuals participate in the simulation of military combat also called MilSim or law enforcement-style combat. He also enjoys painting and playing warhammer. He foremost enjoys spending time with his lovely girlfriend, Roberta.

Garrett is an avid Warhammer painter and player. He has been playing and painting Warhammer for the previous twenty years. Garrett’s private collection includes a Warhammer 40k Eldar army as well as Warhammer Age of Sigmar Dark Elf and Skaven army. He still enjoys playing Warhammer and painting when time allows. Garrett helps HM Paint Workshop in behind-the-scenes aspects such as market research and analysis, purchasing, accounting, and all aspects of eBay. He also helps maintain and post to the website.

Garrett painted the following model…