Joel has been working the last nine years in the pharmaceutical industry. Most of his focus has primarily been in the development and support of the supply chain for development, clinical and commercial research.

Joel was a key team member of the YouTube channel Mars Rising from ‘2011-2014’. He enjoys the art of videography and the thrill of storytelling.

Joel is an avid airsoft player and has been playing the sport for the last 13 years. He has assisted in the development and organization of several large scale airsoft events in Southern California.

In his spare time he enjoys various different games in all their mediums (video games, board games, RPG games, etc.). He began playing board game at a very young age with his friends and has never stopped since!

“I don’t just love the aspect of games and their design, I love the devotion, concept, and theme of them. These games have created an amazing community of artists and their talent and passion is mind blowing. I am blessed and honored to be a very small part of that–plain and simple”.   -Joel M

Joel painted the following models…