Larry is a graphic designer with his own business for over 25 years at Sketchpad Graphic Design. After high school he became a draftsman with a telephone components manufacturer and later joined the U.S. Army and worked as a construction draftsman at Fort Benning, Georgia and a cartographer on Ford Island, Hawaii. After the service Larry got a job at a heavy construction equipment manufacturing company as a mechanical draftsman and later as a technical writer at the same company. He then moved his family to California where he got a job writing consumer automotive repair manuals and then later writing user and operator manuals for a microcomputer company. Larry then left the computer company to start the publications department for a start up computer manufacturing company which led to starting his own graphic design business.

In his spare time he enjoys rock hounding where he has traveled all over Southern California collecting rocks. Not exactly knowing what to do with all of the rocks stacking up in his garage, Larry decided to learn how to cut, shape and polish the stones he has collected. He is a photography enthusiast and has been interested in photography for 40 years and loves to hike in the mountains of Southern California.

Larry is just getting into painting gaming miniatures and has been building and painting models for the past few months. He designed and is maintaining this HM Paint Workshop website. Larry also created all the HM marketing materials and will be instrumental in making sure that all model orders are promptly and securely mailed out to all HM buyers.

Larry’s first ever model paintings: