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Several members of the HM team are avid board gaming enthusiasts players and have been playing for over twenty years. This page will present recent games that the HM team and friends have played.  We will provide highlights of our games, turn by turn pictures and different strategies of each player. We will also be highlighting how specific units and their load outs do against certain armies. Lastly, we will publish new strategies and tactics we have learned and perfected through the years.

Warhammer 40k Game- Eldar vs Dark Eldar

Players: Garrett Holt vs Tyler Holt

Type of Game: Maelstrom of War- Cleanse and ControlPoints: 2,500

Armies: Craftworld Eldar vs Dark Eldar

Strategies and Tactics:

Eldar: The Eldar strategy was to deploy all forces on one side of the board and focus fire power on portions of the Dark Eldar army. Six units of six Swooping Hawks would use deep strike to take points and harass enemy lines.

Dark Eldar: The Dark Eldar strategy was to remain defensive and use extensive amount of long range firepower to eliminate the Eldar.

Major Highlights: Massive amount of Dark Eldar haywire and long ranged firepower blasted the Eldar vehicles and jetbikes. Dark Eldar Wraithknight destroyed the Eldar Wraithknight only to be destroyed by the Eldar D-Canon the next turn. Swooping Hawks deep struck behind the Dark Eldar and wreaked havoc upon the rear of the Dark Eldar ranks, throwing the units into disarray.

Outcome: Craftworld Eldar Minor Victory

Eldar Units that Performed Well

Eldar Swooping Hawks:
Positives: Deployed six units which were able to take four points on the second turn and kill four units of Dark Eldar. Very fast and lots of firepower.
Negatives: Chance to not deploy through deep strike and weak protection.

Eldar D-Cannon Platform:
Positives: D- Cannon- enough said!
Negatives: Short range and semi soft target.

Dark Eldar Units that Performed Well

Dark Eldar Scourges with Haywire Blasters:
Positives: very effective at eliminated vehicle units
Negatives: soft targets, very vulnerable to enemy fire

Dark Eldar Wraith Knight:
Positives: very resilient and very destructive
Negatives: high point cost

Dark Eldar Venoms with Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors Embarked:
Positives: very fast and highly effective against toughness based enemies
Negatives: lightly armored and vulnerable to most long ranged fire

Warhammer 40k Game- Eldar vs Chaos

Players: Garrett Holt vs Tyler Holt

Type of Game: Scoring (capture/hold points at the end of game 3-1, 2-2, 1-3 points, +1 point per Fast Attack unit destroyed)

Points: 2,150

Armies: Craftworld Eldar vs Chaos Space Marines

Strategies and Tactics:

Eldar: The Eldar strategy was to draw in and funnel the Chaos forces utilizing the cavernous terrain of the battle field. The goal was to get the Chaos into the Eldar prime shooting and destruction range/zone to wreak havoc on the Chaos forces. The Eldar jetbikes were used as a distraction and rear harassing unit- taking strategic points, knocking out tanks and mopping up any rear forces. The majority of the Eldar army was mounted and very mobile in case a retreat and or a strategic redeployment were required.

Chaos: The Chaos strategy was to charge head-long into the Eldar battle line with Rhinos, a Landraider, a group of chaos spawns with Daemon Prince and a Maulerfiend. A Predator was planned to be used to provide long range fire support and three separate Obliterators in deep strike reserve were to serve as shock troops wherever they were needed. Unfortunately Chaos was more interested in destroying Eldar units that achieving the scenario goal of capturing objective. This ultimately led to their utter defeat.

Major Highlights:

  • Chaos Mauler fiend would not die! It took almost an entire round of shooting from majority of the Eldar army and they still only caused 2/3 hull points. Being behind cover saved it from certain death. It was able to shrug of the massive Eldar bombardment and crash into the Eldar frontlines destroying a Wave Serpent before finally succumbing to superior Eldar firepower.
  • Several Eldar jetbike squads utilized their turbo boasters to capture and contest several strategic points at the end of the game.
  • A single Eldar D-cannon was incredibly lucky during the shooting phase killing the Chaos Demon Prince General in one shot.

Outcome: Craftworld Eldar Victory

Eldar Units that Performed Well:

Eldar Jetbikes w/ scatter lasers (small 3 bike units)

Positives: They are very cheap point wise, very fast, have high firepower, are able to capture strategic points all across the board, are able to knock out light and medium tanks/vehicles from the front and heavy tanks from the sides and rear. They are great fast distractions for the enemy.

Negatives: They have weak amour and they go down quit fast when engaged. Also, since they are small squads of only 3 the units die quickly. Suggest using multiple units.

Eldar Wave Serpents w/ twin linked scatter lasers and hull mounted shuriken cannon

Positives: They are fast, can hold their own, have high fire power, and are fast reaction capable, able to capture points quickly. Suggest keeping them in cover if you are able to maximize survivability.

Negatives: They are expensive. There are no shooting points for units within. Units are unable to charge when disembarking.

Eldar Wraith Guard w/ D-scythe’s (units of 5 mounted in Wave Serpents)

Positives: They are very tough toughness and amour wise, their guns are just about good at killing everything, they are very effective counter reaction units when mounted in Wave Serpents. Suggest only deploying them if really needed – they need to get a lot of attention once deployed.

Negatives: They are very expensive and slow when dismounted from Wave Serpents. They go down easily to high strength and low AP weapons such as melta-guns.

Chaos Units that Performed Well:

Chaos Maulerfiend w/ magma cutters

Positives: Fast and tough. Very good at absorbing enemy fire and dealing damage to heavily armored targets in close combat.
Negatives: No shooting weapons.

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