Painting Contest

In December, 2017 HM offered a Painting Contest to any model painter that wanted to enter. No limit to the number of entries by a single painter.

The contest was a great success. There were over 70 entries and the HM Partners, painters and wives/girlfriends of HM voted.

The following are the winners:



1st Place: Dwarf Trollslayer  >

2nd Place Runnerup: Tau Ghostkeel
3rd Place Runnerup: Nurgle Plague Lord
4th Place Mention: Kingdon Death Beetle Knight

5th Place Mention: Kingdom Death Percival


Prize: $50 gift card/off our HM Ebay Store

2nd Place Runnerup

3rd Place Runnerup

4th Place Mention

5th Place Mention

The next painting contest will be in 6 months and then every 6 months or so–so STAY TUNED. It will be announced on our Facebook and Instagram pages.